Crystal Magic

Chartruese Mystique (ACD-999)


This is the perfect suit when you want to show off your most captivating assets.

  •   Your suit ships in 2-days. Choose the 3-week option to save $100.

    There are 2 ways to order.
    #1- I will contact you and help you with sizing.
    or #2- You know your measurements and will enter them in the drop-down.
    You can change the connectors. Choose the customize option if you would like to change color, fabric.
    If you order the wrong size and you need to exchange you will have a 25% restocking fee added per piece.

    You can change the color of the crystals that are on the fabric of this suit.

    You can change the color of the rhinestones applied to this suit. This design uses crystals in a random mix.

    You can change the color of the rhinestones applied to this suit. This design uses crystals in a random mix.

    You can change the color of the rhinestones applied to this suit. This design uses crystals in a random mix.

    The Top comes standard with Tie Strings. Use our top to bottom & side to side measurements to determine desired coverage. Don't use cup size as the only reference. Compare our measurements against yourself and/or one of your favorite suits. More coverage is usually better for natural busts. If you choose the hook back, add your under bust measurement in the sizing drop down options.

    The top includes shaper pads as standard. If you need a little extra lift, add a push-up pad.

    You can get this suit with the connectors that are shown. If the connectors shown are an upgrade the price will be adjusted if you choose another connector style.

    You can get this suit with the connectors that are shown. If the connectors shown are an upgrade the price will be adjusted if you choose another connector style.

    Choose your connector, either Clear or AB (Aurora Borealis).

    If you prefer wider and higher coverage choose the medium front. An extra small front is slightly narrower than the small and a finger width lower. The most notable difference between XS and S is the crotch length as noted on the size guide.

    See our guide with sizing info and tips. Extra small has slightly less fabric on each side of the back. The most notable difference between XS and S is the crotch length as noted on the size guide. 

    Tap the image to choose your back cut.

    Tie strings come standard on this suit. If you want the hook or rhinestone option please add your under bust measurements when you reach the sizing drop down.

    Measure snug around rib cage just under your bust. Round up/down to closest measurement.

    If you haven't ordered from us before or your size has changed, we recommend entering your measurements to help us confirm you've selected proper sizing.

    Adding your body measurements helps in eliminating errors in the sizing of your suit.

    Measure around the bust at the widest point.

    Measure in a straight line around the widest part of your glutes/butt.

    Measure around the high hip where the connectors sit.

    Total crotch length measurement is from the top of the bottom's front all the way snug thru the crotch to the top of the bottom's back.

    Enter any options/alterations you want.  See our guide with sizing info and tips.

    Please agree that you have read the Aspire size guide and have also read & understand the exchange & return policies.


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Change any connector!

Why Buy Aspire

Why Buying An Aspire Custom Competition Bikini is a Winning Decision

I hear two things from girls who buy my suits. The first half will say they purchased from me because of a bad experience with another suit maker (bad fit, poor quality, shipping issues, delays and excuses, excuses, excuses). Then the second thing I hear is that they didn not get what was shown in the product image. Some say the suit they received was not even close to what was shown.

My suitmakers business is small compared to the big names in this industry by my own choice. So when I see and hear of all these problems I am so glad that I am not trying to grow this company into a huge business or a family dynasty. That has allowed me the ability to focus on you and your suit which is ultimately what you are paying such a huge amount of money for.

Any monkey can put a bunch of crystals on a piece of fabric, that is why I have my husband do it and it is easy so he does a great job. But I would not pay him more than monkey wages and that adds up to real savings for you and your tight budget.

If you are the kind of girl who thinks It is more fun to have a couple of new suits than it is to buy only one, read on.

What is in your minds eye from that photo you are dreaming of is probably not what you are going to receive.

Does the person making your new competition bikini have real experience or are they a beginner? And do they care about you or your suit? I have hired some of the best sewers that the Los Angeles garment industry offered and none have ever had the passion for the quality and also how the suits fit the way I do. Over the years I have hired dozens of sewing specialists, some of the best out there. Most were great and some had 15 years of experience and were paid $30 per hour or more but they did not put the care into the suits that I believe deserve the BEST. So now I do it all myself.

I am focused on making you the best bikini I have ever made. I will use my 40+ years of experience to craft you the best bikini I have ever made and that is my promise to you. I get better with every suit and that is my driving force. Creating a better fitting and better quality bikini than the last one I made. EVERY SINGLE TIME! A real commitment to you and your journey.

Pros Cons Big vs Small you may get an acceptable fitting suit but you will need glue, tape, and a prayer. And hopefully, you will get high-quality connectors because if they break you may expose yourself accidentally and it may even be an arrestable offense in some areas, or it may win you the show but why take the risk? you may the connectors do not break or that you will not have to wear this uncomfortable garment ever again.

You have anticipation and when your suit arrives you see that blingy and sparkly bikini and you fall in love. Then you try it on and are blown away and can not believe how beautiful this your new bikini is. The next time you try it on, you start to notice minor fit issues but you can show it to your coach and see what they think. At your next practice, you try your bikini on again and you start to notice more issues with fit and quality. You show it to your coach and they see the first real issues with your suit and tell you to use a lot of glue and tape and that will make the suit passable. So you still love your new suit but you accept that this is the price you pay for this beautiful blingy sparkle bikini.  so you  have confirmation bias

Company size is beneficial because they are able ( BECAUSE OF THEIR ABILITY ) to show many more suits to choose from, almost all companies source their fabrics and crystals from the same suppliers and generally the quality of materials is very high. Most suits can easily be replicated with minor differences in the number and spacing of crystals so if you are able to use your imagination you can get the look and feel of most suits without spending a lot of your hard-earned cash. That is why I have created the bikini color crystal designer that you can use to let your imagination and dreams run wild. 4 different examples of suits i.e. designer, indoor, outdoor, stage, and flash. Find the suit you love and build it for hundreds less.

Your suit can be one of the fun and exciting parts of competing. Choosing a suit and where to buy it from should not be hard. But how do you know what is important and what is not? The order of importance is 1. Color/Design 2. Fit/Style/Look 3. Price 4. Delivery Time 5. Quality 6.Brand. You will notice that Quality is last in the important concerns when someone buys, and almost all the companies that sell suits use and abuse this knowledge. Choices are hard that is why I have created a guide to help you. Let us look at this in depth.  When choosing from whom to buy your suit the question is always, does this company offer the best suits or just put the most into marketing their business? You will have a very different outcome depending on which company you choose.

Please enjoy complimentary shipping on orders over $100. The most comprehensive way to build the worlds best and most amazing bikini for your stage show. Pure Perfection Ordering a suit can require some real focus so I have created a fun interactive Crystal Color Designer to help you see the vast number of color combinations that are now at your fingertips!

Choose PRECSIOSA when you need the humungous power of the best Austrian crystal bling to blind all who dare to gaze, Increase the velocity of high scores in your favor with a Heavyocity Scatter. Twinkle and Sparkle with this Red AB Crystal rhinestone bikini strapped with sturdy high-quality Czech-made Silver/AB connectors for added peace of mind when you are about to rock the stage. Peace Of Mind that you are going to get exactly what you paid for and more!

Get The Aspire Rebate

It can be easy to assume something about the sizing of clothing especially bikinis. The sizing used on garments is not standardized so most of the Companies selling have a range of approacesYou save me time, I'll save you money. If you're willing and able to read and view my sizing and fit instructions/diagrams, you get a discount for saving me a lot of time! If you get a suit and don't require any after sale support, I'll happily refund you $100.

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About Crystal Magic
  • This suit has the Crystal Magic Design
  • This design is a classic for a reason
  • Suit has 1400 - 2000+ crystals depending on size of top & bottom
  • This is great for a beautiful burst of color in monochrome or the fun two-tone look
  • Quality hot-fix crystals sized 20ss/4mm applied evenly in a perfect grid pattern to maximize blend between fabric and crystal
The best thing I ever did for my business was to start selling on etsy! All the larger suit makers started selling around the same time as I did but a number of the larger suit makers have stopped selling on etsy and the only reason that I can think of is that you are unable to control the reviews. If you're trying to sell a lot of bikinis you would never NOT sell on etsy, simple business 101. So there is a very big reason you won't find some of the largest sellers on etsy.....NO CONTROL. It's fun to have extra sparkle but do you need it.... not really. Custom Competition Bikini in Cranberry Matrix What's Important For On-Page SEO? (5 Areas)
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When you've worked so hard to get a You've built the highest-quality body -- Get the suit to match.
WILL IT FIT? For most girls the biggest obstacle to buying a suit online is will this suit make me look amazing how amazing will it fit and make me look I start with the most common fit because most are within a certain range and with the stretch of the fabric its not like its tailored pants that has not stretch I work with you to give the coverage that works best for you body. For example, it’s much easier for me to sell leggings, which are made of a stretchy fabric and fit many body types easily, rather than tailored pants, which people prefer to try on in-person. Create a colorful spectacle in this Poppy Red Bikini Competition Suit. don't let the same dog bite you twice. THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE Grab all three Good Sport products at an exclusive price. Get SmashNet, Bubble Bash and Backyard Pong to have the ultimate experience.
This is information to help you make informed decisions and even if you purchase from a suit-maker that's local or another online boutque I just want you to use this info. You can pay for the brand or you can pay for the fit. Think about how many time you've seen or experienced the regular low busget bikini beat the fit of a high end department store brand. I'll let you in on a marketing truth that will cost you a lot of money: The Best-known product will beat the best product every single time. And you will pay thru the nose for that company being the best known but not the best.  
to want the best fitting most impactful suit out there and I understand how scary it is to think that that you might get it wrong and not have the impact you could at your competition.  
I have purchased and currently own four bikinis that I spent over $3000 for, Here is how I now save over $2000 on four bikinis.  
If I were to build them again from scratch, here's what I'd do from a hiring perspective to increase efficiency and profitability.  
All the top girls buy from the larger brands and spend a lot of cash...but do YOU need to?  
Here 5 PILLARS of content;
  • 1. Promotional
  • 2. Educational3. Community4. Entertainment5. Engagement
    Make it simplePicture this: The person sewing your new suit might not have as much experience sewing as you do. Depending on your experience sewing how nice do you think the suit will come out. Think about if you would pay hundreds of dollars for a suit you could create yourself at your skill level. But should you?Top Connectors Scelerisque adipiscing bibendum sem vestibulum et in a a a purus lectus faucibus lobortis tincidunt purus lectus nisl class eros.Condimentum a et ullamcorper dictumst mus et tristique elementum nam inceptos hac vestibulum amet elit
    The 1 Lesson I learned after Over-Spending to Much Money On my Suit And how to Avoid It I Have Sewn Over 10,000 Bikini and Why That Matters Find Out Why 100's of Reviews Can Help you Find The Bikini Competition Suit That Makes You a Winner The 5 Things to Know When Buying Bikini Competition Suit The 5 Things You Need To Know If You Want to Decorate a Bikini Competition Suit